I'm Mark, and I'm passionate about photography. I live in North County Dublin, with my wife and three kids.  I never tire of seeing the joy in couples and guests alike, and so being able to record this in art is a true honour.

I know that for my clients, this day only comes around once in lifetime! That’s why I pour myself into capturing each fleeting moment from start to finish.


I start with a pre-wedding consultation, so that I am fully aware of all your plans and little details, but also because I like to get a good sense of your vision for how you want the day to unfold. Together, we'll create a timeline for the day and put your mind at ease in terms of schedule.


I take a calm approach to the day and I think my clients find it easy to relax in my company. In my photos I try to convey the beauty, personality, and authenticity of you and your venue, from the anticipation of seeing each other for the first time, to the unspoken affection in teary eyes.

My aim is to shoot in photojournalistic style, telling the story of the day, and be as discreet and unobtrusive as I can. Because your day is all about you! I'm constantly seeking out natural, candid moments when you don’t even know the camera is there.


My Promise to you – not only will you love your image collection, you’ll relive the moments again, with each photo!


How far in advance do you book weddings?

Most couples book their photographer at least 6 - 9 months before the ceremony. But, I understand we Irish are a nation of procrastinators, so if you find your wedding creeping up and still don’t have a photographer, try me. I might still be available. When you book your venue, I highly suggest booking your photographer not long after. Or even better, contact me before you book your venue to check my availability and for venue suggestions!


Will you travel to photograph weddings?

Yes! I’m happy to travel to shoot weddings anywhere in the country and abroad! Please don’t hesitate to inquire with me even if you aren’t getting married in Dublin!

What’s involved in booking our wedding/photo session?

First, email me with all your wedding date information, and we can discuss pricing and packages. Then, to book your date and ensure that I will be photographing your wedding, a contract and deposit are required. I book on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of a signed contract along with the deposit. For booking portrait or infant and baby sessions, a deposit is required along with a signed contract in order to book your session fully. If you’d like to book your wedding or portrait session, email me at info@markdoylephotography.ie.

Are you insured?

Yes! I hold public liability insurance. All professional photographers should be insured and many wedding venues will not allow photographers on site without it. My equipment is also insured!


How many edited pictures will we be getting from you?

This can depend on the duration of the shoot and on what you require. From a 1.5-hour portrait session, you will get about 25-30 carefully edited images. From an 8-hour+ wedding, I will probably take anything from 1000-2000 shots.  However, these will be carefully edited, enhanced and colour-balanced. Only the very best presented to you. Typically 400-500 images. Every session and wedding is different, so this isn’t a guarantee, just an average.


How long will we be waiting on our edited photos?

Generally you'll have access to all your finished photos on your online gallery within 6-7 weeks of your wedding day, with your USB pack following shortly after. During peak times, summer months and December it might take a little longer!


Can we print any of the photos you give us?


Yes! Absolutely, once I give you the digital files, they are yours to print out as many as you like, or give to family and friends etc. You just can't sell them or go around telling people you took them... "yup, honestly I did, I put the camera on a timer and ran back into every shot!"


Can other people take pictures while you’re taking pictures?


Your guests will want to take photos of you on your big day of course, mostly with smart phones, lets be honest. But you have probably dedicated a good chunk of your budget to your wedding photographer. Generally it is fine, but if I feel your guests are preventing me from getting the shots I need, I reserve the right to kindly tell them to please stop. Flashes from other cameras can also greatly affect my images, and its my job to capture the best images I can for you to cherish forever. I also ask that guests don’t stand in or near the aisle during the ceremony, as that could affect me capturing important moments. I will always give guests a chance to take shots once I’m happy I have what I need.


We aren’t sure if we want an engagement session or not—do you think we should?


I think it’s a great idea for a few reasons. During the time we spend together for your engagement session, we get to know each other, laugh, and share stories. You will become comfortable with me and comfortable being in front of my camera. By the wedding day, we won’t be strangers and you’ll both be happy with me taking SO many pictures of you! I also get to see how you interact and the best ways to photograph you, ultimately giving you even better pictures on your big day! Because of this, I offer a very competitive engagement photo-shoot price.


Can we edit any of the pictures you give us?


The answer is no, for a few important reasons. I spend a lot of time and energy editing your images to perfection. You hire me for my style, in both posing and editing, so I will assume you like my style. It’s important to me that my work and style are shown to friends and family as I have edited it. After all, you wouldn’t buy a painting and then paint over it, would you? However, if there is really something you want changed you can refer it to me and I will do  my utmost to put it right.


What Wedding Album options have you?


I offer a wide range of albums, these include leather bound, storybook albums, matted albums and fine art albums. I don’t want to limit your choice of album, so we can discuss your requirements in detail and make sure you get exactly what you want. I also design every album personally from scratch, without the use of templates which makes your album completely unique.


Please get in touch with your photography enquiry. I'd love to hear about your wedding plans, and would be delighted to photograph your wedding. I'll try to advise you on any queries you may have, where possible.